AACC 2022

Booth Location 763

Chicago 26-28 July 2022

JOINSTAR BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD., are pleased to announce our
participation at the AACC Exhibition in Chicago this year.

We would be delighted  to meet with you at our booth If you are planning to attend this year’s exhibition.

JOINSTAR is one of the leading Point-of-Care manufacturers in China with over 25 assays based on  Dry Immunofluorescence assay technology. Our extensive product portfolio covers disease areas such as  Infection diseases, Cardiovascular, Kidney disease, reproductive health etc . Joinstar is front runner in the management of Sepsis with the availability of a POCT test for a novel patented biomarker, Heparin Binding Protein (HBP). This novel biomarker has been shown to be a better prognostic indicator in sepsis compared to current known routine tests. In addition to HBP, Joinstar is the only company to include a full Sepsis panel in its repertoire, including tests for PCT and IL-6. During the recent Covid 19 pandemic these assays, especially HBP, have been shown to be key in disease management and recent data from several publications show that HBP can predict respiratory failure and 28 days mortality in COVID-19 patients and is also an independent risk factor for mortality)   

For additional information, please contact us directly or visit our website : https://www.joinstar.com/jet-istar-platform/

for contact information, please email to :  info@joinstar.cn- we look forward to hearing from you, and to hopefully seeing you in Chicago! Come and see us, at the Joinstar booth# 763 and learn all bout our exciting range of products and instruments.

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