In 2012, JOINSTAR obtained the application patent authorization of Heparin Binding Protein, becoming the exclusive Chinese enterprise to obtain the PATENT authorization of HBP. HBP was also introduced from Lund University in Sweden, Axis-Shield Diagnostics Ltd.

The picture shows Dr. Adam Linde

The president of the European sepsis alliance, Prof. Evangelos J. Giamarellos-Bourboulis, found that HBP > 18 ng/mL and il-6 > 30pg/mL at admission for sepsis caused by COVID-19 were independent risk factors for severe respiratory failure (SRF). HBP > 35 ng/mL and il-6 > 30pg/mL at admission were independent risk factors for 28-day mortality [2].

The patent inventor of HBP,Dr. Adam Linder, found that neutrophil-derived HBP levels were elevated prior to the onset of organ dysfunction in patients with severe COVID-19, and thus could be used as a clinical prognostic marker for COVID-19 patients [3].

All of the above studies used JOINSTAR Heparin Binding Protein kit (Fluorescence Dry Quantitative Immunoassay), and the clinical value of HBP has also been widely concerned around the world.

Now, Sweden is also experiencing Novel Coronavirus infections, and HBP kit has returned to the laboratory at Lund University in Sweden in order to better treat patients, improve the cure rate and shorten the duration of treatment.
The picture shows Dr. Adam Linder’s students are using jet istar800, an immunofluorescence analyzer manufactured by join to measure the concentration of HBP in a patient

Post time:Apr-06-2022

Post time: 04-06-2022
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