01 . COVID-19 Antigen Schnelltest (Colloidal Gold) developed by Joinstar Biomedical Technology have obtained the performance verification from Paul Ehrlich institute.  Together with Abbott, Roche, SD, BD, Siemens LumiraDX, and other internationally renowned companies, Joinstar Biomedical Technology became one of the few antigen manufacturers approved by PEI in the first batch globally.


“Paul-ehrlich-institut” (PEI) represents the German federal institute of vaccines and Biomedicine, responsible for medicinal research institution and regulatory agency. PEI is also a senior federal authority reporting to the Federal Ministry of Health, cooperating center for the quality assurance of WHO’s blood products and vitro diagnostic equipment. It is named after its founding director, immunologist and a Nobel laureate, Paul Ehrlich.

02. About rapid antigen test
Why do we need rapid antigen test?
Antigen refers to a substance that can produce antibodies, it is any substance that can induce an immune response. Antigen testing can be used in the early stage of the disease (after the onset of symptoms within 1-5 days or even during the incubation period) to get positive results. The antigen detection method is more suitable for the time-sensitive investigation of suspected cases of large-scale coronavirus infection and is very effective for areas with concentrated outbreaks. According to the severe and complex situation, WHO, FIND and many other international organizations are promoting Antigen detection as effective methods.
Including UK, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, and many other countries have already begun to purchase and practice Antigen Rapid Test in large population gathering areas.
COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (Colloidal Gold)


COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (Colloidal Gold)
nasopharyngeal swab as sample
High sensitivity & specificity


Short window period, detect diseases in the early stage and incubation period, useful for early screening. The earlier diagnosis brings better treatment.
Applicable to various scenarios: designated institutions (such as hospitals); resumption of work and school, continuous monitoring of new coronary conditions, etc.;
One-step method, easy to operate, reducing missed detection and error detection caused by operating errors;
Provide a full set of reagents and consumables required for testing; no equipment is required;
Fast operation, results in 10-15 minutes;
Storage temperature: 2~30℃, no need for cold chain transportation;
Optional specifications: 25 servings/box, 1 serving/box;
Multiple cooperation modes, accepting OEM/ODM

04. Acquired qualification:
CE certification, export whitelist of the Ministry of Commerce


Listed in the EU coronavirus solution testing solution database, listed by the WHO-FIND Innovation Foundation, and passed the German PEI inspection,


Registration certificate of Germany and Italy


Post time: Mar-12-2021