Microalbumin Control Kit

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Packing Specifications

Level 1: 1×1mL;2×1mL;3×1mL;4×1mL;5×1mL;6×1mL;10×1mL.

Level 2: 1×1mL;2×1mL;3×1mL;4×1mL;5×1mL;6×1mL;10×1mL. 

Intended Use

Microalbumin Control Kit is intended to be used as an assayed quality control when used for the quantitative measurement of Microalbumin in vitro, which matched with Microalbumin Detection kit (Fluorescence Dry Quantitative Immunoassay) manufactured by Joinstar Biomedical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Storage And Stability

Store Microalbumin Control Kit in a refrigerator at 2°C ~8°C. The controls are stable up to 24 months. It can be stable for 10 days after redissolved in a refrigerator at 2°C ~8°C.

Please refer to the packing of the product for the manufacture date and expiration date.

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